Shree Lekha photo shoot

Simon Sinek says ‘Start with Why’. Here’s an example of my why. I specialise in taking  the most beautiful photo anyone has taken of you, a photo that is art, that you can hang proudly on the wall and cherish for  the rest of your life.

Why?  Because a photo is not just a piece of paper with ink on it. It is time arrested, memory immortalised, soul captured on film.

Human being process visual images 60000 times faster than written words. Everytime this teenager she looks at her photo, she will feel beautiful, cherished, loved. Why wouldn’t anyone want that?

Shree Lekha is the gorgeous teenager who came in with her Mum for a mother-daughter shoot. Currently studying towards a degree in Conservation Biology, she is peppy, childlike and very knowledgeable. A wonderful combination of brains, beauty and childlike simplicity. A vegan who cares for the environment, she is into hiking and weekends will find Mum and daughter hiking together. Isn’t that great?

I tried the soft lit Ravi Varma style here too. I think she looks stunning!


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